Is a DITY Military Move Right For You?

Dity move tracker

Service men and military families move on average, every three years. Undergoing a move is a very stressful time, but a DITY move can allow families to move themselves and possibly profit. Military moving can happen when assigned to temporary duty, temporary additional duty or a permanent change of station.

Each year, the DoD and US Coast Guard make 225,000 shipments of household items. DITY military moves allows service people to be compensated for moving themselves. During a DITY move, service members can move their possessions in a rented truck or van, their personal vehicles or hire movers. The compensation for a military dity move is calculated using factors including the weight of items to be moved, and the mileage between the origin and the destination. DITY move calculators allows servicemembers to calculate their reimbursement for a DITY military move.

A military move is necessary for service members of of all branches of the United States Armed Forces. DITY military moves can provide many benefits to service members, but are not recommended for service members relocating overseas. There are many taxes and laws associated with the transportation of large goods and vehicles internationally, it is easier in those cases to let the military sort everything out. DITY military moves can also be a risk, because items broken during a DITY move are not liable for reimbursement from the government.

With a DITY military move, service men and women can be reimbursed up to 100 percent of the GCC if they hire their own movers. Service members who move with their own or rented vehicles can receive up to 95 percent of the GCC. The GCC is the cost to the Department of Defense to move your belongings. If your move comes in under that figure, you can keep the money, which is how people are able to profit from a DITY military move.

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