Use the Available Technology to Stay Safe on the Internet

Brand protection

The number of internet users quadrupled in the decade between 2000 and 2010. On top of that, the digital marketplace is immense and ever expanding. As a result, many businesses might want to use an anonymizer in order to keep their site and entire web presence safe. An anonymizer can help hide ip addresses, making it a very useful tool in the world wide web, which is constantly becoming more “worldwide.” In fact, in 2000, 73 percent of all internet users were accounted for in the top 10 countries, but ten years later, that number decreased to 60 percent .

As of 2010, over 95 countries had at least a million internet users. As a result, many businesses are developing strong web presences in order to attract many new customers. In order to maintain corporate privacy, businesses might want to use an anonymizer that helps protect their vital data. Regardless of how strong of a web presence a business might have, they need brand protection in order to help internet users feel comfortable purchasing their products and services. In order to do so, online privacy software programs and anonymizers can be great tools.

Although anonymizers can be very useful to businesses who are dependent on the internet, many individuals can also use them in order to achieve anonymous browsing. In a recent survey of 700 people who use anti tracking software, 87 percent said that they use an anti tracking tool in order to prevent advertisers and others from tracking the activities that they do online. This can be vital to security and can make web browsing more convenient by preventing targeted advertising. As a result, anonymizers are useful to businesses and web browsers alike.

With the prevalence of the internet today, advertisers and businesses alike are trying to find ways to attract new customers. While they might use anonymizers to keep vital information protected, individuals can use anonymizers in order to avoid the hassles of advertisements. That idea is being supported by the Federal Trade Commission which has called for a Do Not Track mechanism that gives individuals the option to request not to be tracked. This policy, and the available technology like privacy programs and anonymizers, can go a long way towards making browsing on the internet safe and easy.