I love my non traditional vacations

Holiday in a yurt

Apart from liking to go on vacation, I probably do not share much in common with the average American tourist. For example, I am sure not many other vacationers have spent their holiday in a Yurt. Probably a lot of people do nt even know what a Yurt is. A Yurt is a portable, bent tent traditionally used by the nomads of Central Asia. They have a crown on top and are supported by roof ribs which are bent down at the end where they meet the lattice wall. The top of the wall is prevented from spreading by a tension band which opposes the force of the roof ribs. The structure is usually covered by layers of fabric and sheep’s wool. Basically, if you think it would be fun to stay in a shepherds hut (and I do), then a holiday in a Yurt is for you.

There are other non traditional ways to vacation that you can do in Europe. I have had my holiday in a Yurt, stayed in Villas in France, Villas in Spain, had treehouse holidays, and even had to stay in a riad. Also, these tend to be more economical methods of vacationing than the more traditional hotels and motels. Even Villas can be rented out for cheap, and a holiday in a Yurt will cost you next to nothing. Cottages are a nice, small, cozy alternative to a hotel that is cheap, and brings with it of closeness with your fellow travelers. Once, while one of the 798,119 people to visit the Isle of Wight in 2012, I went glamping. Glamping is a sort of upscale camping that tries to bring the luxury of a hotel to the outdoors of nature. It was no holiday in a Yurt, it was much more luxurious than that.

When it comes to taking vacations, I would urge everyone to try doing things a bit non traditionally. Whether it be renting a Villa, glamping, taking a holiday in a Yurt, or staying in a cottage, there are much more fun (and less expensive) ways to have a vacation out there than hotels and Disneyland.