Keep your servers safe from every threat

Firewall ips

Companies that do not have a intrusion prevention system set up should considered the consequences. Today, one of the most serious threats to corporate data and systems traditionally has come from people on the insider who have privileged access. Without a next generation network intrusion prevention system in place, these people will have the ability to do more malicious or accidental damage than an outside attacker.

In 2011, approximately 42,887 incidents involving data loss or theft due to privacy breaches and computer intrusions took place within the United States. The right enterprise firewall and intrusion detection system could have prevented many of them from happening. In October of that same year, an international hacker broke into files at the South Carolina Department of Revenue, obtaining access to approximately 3.6 million tax returns. A state of the art next gen network security and intrusion prevention system could have helped to prevent such an occurrence.

76 percent of companies and organizations have said that their reputation was damaged because of a cyber security breach. An intrusion prevention system could prevent such a thing from ever happening. Network security platform firewalls are necessary for every business that is connected to the internet, in order to properly protect its ITS system from intruders.