Why Private School?

Private high school

There are several Norfolk private schools open to families in the area. Underneath the umbrella of Norfolk private schools can be found christian schools and independent schools, private elementary and private high schools.

For some families, Christian education is a top priority and they choose to send their children to one of the many Christian day schools of Norfolk. Norfolk private schools are also good options for families who desire a smaller classroom size. Even the best public schools today have overfull classrooms and teachers that are simply spread too thin. A school where a child can be known by his teacher, and can work with teachers in growing collaboration, can be a real benefit. Another reason parents consider private schools is because they want to embrace a different teaching philosophy than public schools can offer. Some parents would like their children taught from a more organic or artistic point of view.

Some Norfolk private schools do have bus service. Some Norfolk private schools have uniforms, and others do not. If you family is interested in a private education, you should be able to find a Norfolk private school to fit your needs.