5 Things to Consider About the DITY Program

Military dity calculator

Sometimes referred to as personally procured moves, military DITY moves are not generally recommended for overseas relocation. During a Dity move, any loss or damage that occurs is considered to be the result of improper packing or handling on the part of the service member or the handling company. Therefore the government is not liable for any loss or damages that occur during a Dity move. There are expenses that are not authorized under the DITY move program guidelines such as tow dolly, auto transportation, all insurance fees, sales tax, meals and lodging, and gas for additional vehicles. Research shows that military families move once every three years on average. After a service member has finished a DITY military moving process they have 45 days to submit their claim for full payment of the DITY allowance. If you suspect that you will be involved in military moving in the near future, it might be time to start comparing your options to see which path is worth taking.

To find out more about the military moving program, you should be able to discuss the DITY process with officials and also be able to pick up a DITY move calculator. With the military moving calculator, you will be able to easily and accurately come up with estimates for each side of the equation. Taking the time to plan for the military moving process will be your greatest asset in the preparation. Start by calling around to moving companies who handle long distance moves and even military moving to get an idea of what their costs might be or what kind of pricing you can figure out.

the next step of military moving would be to compare the costs of doing things yourself against how much it would cost you to hire a military moving service. A military moving service is a lot more likely to cost more in the long term because of the expenses that are not covered by the DITY program. Try to get a clear picture of what the costs of everything would be in order to get an accurate comparison. Doing things yourself in the military move process also gives you the ability to possibly turn some profit because of the way your expenses will be reimbursed through the military moving DITY program.