Brainstorm Through Some of the Wedding Card Box Ideas

Wedding card holder

Every bride needs a wedding card box, but the traditional card box is so old fashioned, that it is fun and creative to come up with a new idea that will spark some interest at the wedding. Here are a few wedding card box ideas that may spark some ideas for your wedding. Wedding card box ideas are perfect for do it yourselfers and can be made easily with materials found at your local craft store!

If you and your fiance are into travel, then you could make a wedding card box in the shape of a suitcase with the word “cards” on the front, cut out from cardstock. This suitcase can be any color of your choosing, especially the colors of your wedding. Additional wedding card box ideas are to take a wooden garden planter and paint it the color of your choice. Stencil the word ‘cards’ across the front and wow your guests with the creativity and simplicity of it. Wedding card holder ideas are everywhere, such as the idea to use a mailbox with the bride and groom’s names painted across the front, with instructions on using it for wedding cards. Also, a wedding card box painted in the shape of a wedding cake with a bride and groom statue on the top is another cute idea for the wedding card box. These wedding card box ideas and more can be found online, so browse for some wedding card box ideas right now.

Another way to get creative at weddings is to make your own wedding card money holder. These are essential to any wedding, and are very fun to make. One idea for a DIY wedding money holder is to ornately wrap a piece of vellum paper or other decorative paper around a long envelope, and then stamp an image of a bride and groom on top. Another cute idea for a money holder is to take a long envelope and glue ribbon around it. Next, cut out an ornate oval from cardstock in coordinating colors; glue it on the front of the envelope, and add letters and stickers on top of the oval. You can also take a tin that was once used for breath mints and glue paper and ribbon onto it; tie the ribbon in a bow. Wedding reception gift card boxes and other inspiring items are available online now.