Fun For the Whole Corporate Family

Giant scalextric

If you’re planning on throwing a corporate event to build team spirit and solidarity within your company, have you thought about turning the event into an outright carnival? I mean a literal carnival, with games, rides and carnival stalls. Although carnival games are usually operated on a “pay per play” basis, it’s possible to rent one or more for open use at a corporate event. This sort of leisure hire is a great way to create a fun and carefree environment that will help your team bond and socialize outside of the office.

There are quite a few types of “traditional” and modern carnival stalls you can rent for this type of event. You’ll find that you can acquire anything from the typical games of chance and skill you’ll see at a state fair, to surprising games like giant Scalextric racing cars (motorized cars on a large scale track), to inflatable games and “bounce houses” or “bouncy castles,” and even a high tech simulator hire, such as the always popular F1 simulator that makes participants feel like they’re piloting the legendary Mirage fighter jet that can travel beyond the speed of sound.

Renting carnival stalls, giant games and rides can make your employees feel like kids all over again, creating a great atmosphere for natural team building, the sort that really allows them to have unfettered fun and get to know each other in surprising ways. As your employees play together at the games and carnival stalls you’ve assembled, you can practically see morale improving right before your eyes. And it’s great to know that this elevated mood and the fun memories that go along with it will eventually find their way back into the office, fostering better communication and cooperation; always a plus when you need your team to collaborate on challenging projects. The corporate team that plays together stays together. And setting up an engaging fair or carnival atmosphere with hired carnival stalls and games is a refreshingly out of the ordinary way to get your staff playing and relaxing together in a refreshingly low pressure environment.