Questions to Ask a Used Car Dealer – Money Savings Expert

tressful experience. There are certain questions you should ask every used auto dealer prior to signing the paperwork. Here’s a look at the top questions you should ask.

The first thing you must confirm is the all-in price of the car. The dealer may advertise a price that does not comprise all charges or other costs. You can confirm this prior to you visit the dealer.

The next question you should ask is to review the record of its history. The report contains information like any incidents, if the vehicle has any major damage or was used as a rental car.

Ask if the dealership has done any work on the car as well as confirm that they’ve checked the car before putting it up for sale. Dealers may discover the damage which isn’t listed in the report on the history of the vehicle.

Making sure you ask the right questions at the right time could assist you in finding the ideal used car and get you a reasonable price. Have other questions regarding buying an used car from a dealer? Take a look at the video linked to learn more.