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  • The Person to Save You from the Paperchase

    Every year, the IRS sends a paperchase all over the country. This paperchase typically is composed of around 8 billion sheets of paper. For a tax attorney IRS employees aren’t the enemy, but they are bureaucrats at times. And a lot of levies and income tax withholdings occur because the people who conduct these paperchases […]

  • Use Skilled Attorneys to Help Clear Debts

    The rules and regulations associated with paying taxes, especially when they are past due, can be complex and difficult for individuals who have little or no experience dealing with them to understand. If that is the case, contacting and working with a tax attorney IRS problems can be solved by might be the best step. […]

  • Why Getting Help From IRS Tax Attorneys Can Help Erase Your Debt

    Getting your debt under control is the best thing you can do to right your financial ship. This includes contacting an IRS debt tax attorney should you owe a hefty amount to the IRS. Overlooking making your payments to the government’s tax agency could mean serious fines and even jail time should you not comply […]