Andy Tauer Perfumes

In 2005, a Swiss perfumer, by the name of Andy Tauer, released his first in a line of many now famous Andy Tauer perfumes. In 2008 Andy Tauer perfumes received a prestigious five-star from Tania Sanchez in “Perfumes: The Guide.” This review helped to catapult Andy Tauer perfumes in the expensive and well known niche perfumery industry.

Andy Tauer perfumes are all handmade by this creative, self taught perfumer, which is one reason why you will not find them sold cheaply at any perfume shop. They are not mass produced like some retail perfumes are. Also, only select and highly specialized perfume shops have been chosen to carry Andy Tauer perfumes. You will be able to find them at only at these chosen perfume shops in North America, throughout Europe and in the UK. This is why if you are looking for Andy Tauer perfumes in department store perfume counters that you won’t find them there. His perfumes are of the highest quality natural ingredients and made with greater concentrations of these natural ingredients than mass marketed perfumes.

Andy Tauer perfumes are designed with a distinctive flare for creativeness and individuality, while at the same time keeping in mind what the connoisseur of perfumes will be looking for. Both women and men who have experience in fine perfumes appreciate and love the quality and imagination that has gone into making Andy Tauer perfumes. These perfumes do not push the limits too far like some famous designer brand perfumes doe. Andy Tauer perfumes are pleasantly wearable, yet some are so fragrances are so creative that they may take little getting used to.

The signature perfume in the Andy Tauer perfumes is called L’ Air du Desert Marocain, which is a masculine scent that is the favorite of many men. Even some women wear this scent. After you have worn it for a short time it can quickly become your favorite scent as well. The very first fragrance designed for Andy Tauer perfumes was called Le Maroc Pour Elle. It has a heady woody oriental scent with citrus aromatic top note of mandarin and lavender. The middle notes are Moroccan rose and jasmine with a base not of cedar and balm. Le Maroc Pour Elle was a success and garnered the niche perfume industry notice of Andy Tauer perfumes. Each fragrance is also sold in his own distinctive packaging created especially for Andy Tauer.

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