SR22 INS Policy

Every state in the United State requires proof of auto insurance if you own an automobile before it can be legally driven on public roadways. Auto owners have to buy at least the minimum liability coverage when they own a car. If the car is being financed it has to usually have full coverage insurance that will cover the loan amount on the car in the event of an accident. One problem with the government requiring auto insurance is the fact that auto insurance can be so expensive for certain drivers. For instance, the driver may have gotten too many traffic tickets or they may have been arrested for a DUI and had their driver’s license suspended. In these instances, the individual will have to file a sr22 ins form with their state DMV in order to be able to drive again.

These individuals will be required to purchase a sr22 ins policy and show proof of it by filing the sr22 ins form with the DMV. They have to file the sr22 ins form before they can have their driver’s license reinstated. The only problem is that the sr22 ins policy that they are now required to buy is going to be a lot higher than their insurance policy premiums were before their DUI or before they got so many points on their driver’s record.

The cost of sr22 ins will depend on several things. For instance, if the DUI was a first time offense, the sr22 ins policy will be a lot less than if it was a second or third offense. If an accident happened when the person was driving while under the influence, their sr22 ins will also be a lot higher than if no accident had occurred. SR22 ins is going to cost the most if the person caused an injury accident while driving under the influence too.

When you call to inquire about sr22 ins the insurance company will ask about the factors mentioned above before they will give you a quote on your sr22 ins after a DUI. The increased premiums are charged for the next three years when a person is required to get a sr22 ins policy. When the person is required to get this insurance because of too many speeding tickets it won’t be as expensive to get though.

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