How To Have Catholic Daily Reflections

Having Catholic daily reflections is a great way in which to maintain your faith. Of course, you will need a plan, some time and a feeling of commitment to make Catholic daily reflections work for you. Once you start doing Catholic daily reflections you will find it to be very rewarding though.

At the beginning of your Catholic daily reflections you should open a journal and entitle a page, Prayer Requests. Then entitle another journal page as Praise. You may also want to create a separate page entitled Notes. Make sure to date all of these pages then write something that you or someone you know needs or desires under the prayer request section. Under the praise section you will want to write some things that you are thankful for. This can range from something simple like you want to say thank you for the air you breathe or something more complex like a cure for an illness. Now talk to God about these things.

After you pray you will want to spend some time during your Catholic daily reflections reading the Bible. Most priests recommend that you read through the Bible one book at a time. How long you spend reading will be up to you but it should range from 15 to 20 minutes. As you read, make sure to write down your thoughts and reflections from your Catholic daily reflections in your notebook. It is up to you how much you write and how you write.

Finish your Catholic daily reflections by listening to a Christian song and praying again. Thank God for how He spoke to you through the Catholic daily reflections you have just had. Now go into your day feeling refreshed and blessed.

Catholic daily reflections are a very private thing. You should modify them to best suit you. Nevertheless, it is important to make Catholic daily reflections a part of your daily life. If you miss a day, simply pick up wherever you left off.

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