Keeping your pet healthy with a jacksonville veterinarian

Summer is here and there is a good chance that your dog is looking forward to the warm weather almost as much as you are. Even for breeds that are comfortable in colder weather, it is always a treat when summer comes around and everyone, and their animals, begin spending more time outside. With this fun and the sun however, comes the unfortunate fact that summer time can be a real danger for our furry friends. Every summer many dogs are admitted to a Jacksonville veterinarian for easily avoidable injuries. In many of these cases the Jacksonville veterinarian is luckily able to save the dog, although sometimes they leave with permanent injuries and the owner almost always leaves with a hefty bill. If they are good, the Jacksonville veterinarian will tell the owners how they can prevent future injuries and keep their pets healthy and happy. Even though much of their advice may seem like common sense, you would be surprised to find out how many people seem to fail to follow it.

One of the biggest causes of visits to a Jacksonville veterinarian in the summer is heat. Yes, the sun and the warmth feel good, but an animal the sun’s rays can be deadly. The worst offender in this area is a locked car. When you take your dog to the store with you and leave them in a parked, locked car, you are effectively leaving your animal in an oven. Every year dogs are brought to a Jacksonville veterinarian too late to treat the severe dehydration and heat stroke that occurs from this. Do not let this happen to your pet. This kind of suffering is easily avoidable and can save your animal’s life. Additionally take care when bringing your dog to the beach. Even breeds known for being strong swimmers can become overwhelmed if they tire. Avoid an unnecessary visit to a Jacksonville veterinarian and keep a close eye on your dog in the water.

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