Learn About A DITY Move

Military didy move

The military life is punctuated by frequent moves to new posts as the government seeks to ensure coverage in their most vital areas of concern. With a DITY move, the military member can choose to move their belongings themselves without having to rely on the government to choose and hire a contractor to complete the move. This gives the individual who is moving better control over who is handling their military move.

When it comes to military moving, s service member is entitled to received reimbursement if they decide to do a DITY move. If the individual decides to use movers they choose themselves, they are entitled to the Government Constructive Cost, or GCC, of up to 100 percent . For damages or losses that occur during a DITY move, the military has a policy of it being the result of handling or packing that was not properly executed according to the needs of the items being moved. In those cases, the government does not claim liability for any such damages or loss incurred by the military personnel.

A military Dity move that involves the individual moving their items on their own can expect to receive a payment of the GCC up to 95 percent . For a DITY move, there are a number of expenses that are not authorized, and, therefore, will not be reimbursed. These include sales tax, tow dolly, gas for other vehicles, insurance fees, meals and lodging and auto transportation.

A Dity move calculator can help the military member that needs to move make a better decision when trying to decide between a mover or moving on their own. With the ability to interact with this type of DITY move tool, much of the guess work is removed from this task. It can also help with figuring out the GCC of each option. Reference links.

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