Different substance abuse training

Studies on addiction

If you are interested in getting certification on substance abuse training, there are three addiction courses that you should consider. These are peer specialist training, recovery coaching and addiction counseling training. Peer specialist or peer support mental health specialists are trained to provide help to substance abusers through strength based recovery programs. Peer specialists are trained to work with the substance abusers toward the goal of recovery. They will have recovery programs that would serve as guide for the substance abuser. Usually peer specialists work alongside mental health professionals, especially those who are working for the community. Thus, the focuses of peer specialist are the adults, elderly, family and veterans. At the same time their training are also focused on wellness and recovery from the illness. Recovery coaching is another type of substance abuse training. Recovery coaches receive recovery coach certification after their substance abuse training. They enable substance abusers to recover from their conditions though the identification and use of their own personal strengths and resources. Lastly there is the addiction counseling training. This type of substance abuse training trains one to become addiction counselors who can provide proper counseling to people with addiction problems and their families. Addiction counselors are also trained to educate individuals, families and members of the community in the different areas of addiction. The substance abuse counselor are trained on the methods and techniques of effective counseling.