Employers and Genetic Testing in Houston

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A huge problem in the American workforce is the fact that when someone is an illicit drug user they are only going to be about two thirds as productive as someone who does not use drugs. Fortunately drug testing in houston can be required by employers. DNA testing Houston, or genetic testing in Houston is also available. U.S. companies see a $1.4 million loss because in their productivity each year because of employees that come to work with a hangover. Drinking is another big problem for the American worker and their job performances. Certain health problems are too, so genetic testing can reveal.

Before an employer hires someone they usually request a background check now. It can be a medical background check as well as a criminal background check. There are ways to implement a drug free workplace program and using DOT compliance services for drug screening houston is available. Not only are drugs a problem for full time workers, but 11.5 percent of the workers who only work at part time jobs abuse drugs as well. One of the most frequently abused drugs is the prescription drug Vicoden.

Now, regarding genetic testing in Houston. Houston employers who require medical check ups prior to employment and for purposes of medical insurance may inadvertently see results from genetic testing in Houston. Employers are not supposed to discriminate on the job candidate on the basis of genetic testing in Houston. In fact, the information gained from genetic testing in Houston is supposed to be kept in a totally different file. Say for instance genetic testing in Houston reveals the fact that the employee or job candidate has a gene that predisposes them to cancer.

You can not withhold medical insurance from them as a result of genetic testing in Houston. You cannot discriminate and not hire the person because genetic testing in Houston reveals the fact that they might get cancer someday and take time off of work. The government passed the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (“GINA”), which governs how employers are supposed to treat DNA testing results and how they can and can not use this information. There is a new EEOC poster with this information for the employee on it that is supposed to be posted in the workplace as well.
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