Food Handling Safety Can Keep Your Establishment Alive

Safety and sanitation in the kitchen

There are many germs in the world; and every year, norovirus, salmonella, and E. coli cause illnesses and death to any unfortunate people. To add to this, the University of Arizona biology department states that an astounding 93 percent of shoes have fecal matter on them. To stop issues like this from ruining your business, you will need to learn proper food handling safety. When it comes to running a kitchen, you will need to get food handling safety every time a new employee is hired. With proper food preparation safety training, your employees will learn how to prepare food in a way to prevent food borne illnesses. Learning about food safety and sanitation is important for anyone that works in a restaurant.

While many people think that the five second rule is truth, women are more likely to employ this action than men. Finding the right food safety facts to make sure that all employees know what they must do is important. When you find food handling safety tips, you can place them in your restaurant so that you employees will have a list of what they should and should not do. Following proper food safety guidelines is important to the protection of your business. When you create a kitchen sanitation checklist, you will be able to make sure that your kitchen is as sanitary as possible and will be able to prevent illnesses and food borne illnesses that can occur.

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