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For every business, web design is one of the biggest concerns that a company can have. So many people look at a website and if it is not designed well, they might not be able to find the information they need and therefore might not use the company. That is why Rochester web design companies are available to create amazing websites and provide email hosting.

Many people who hire a Rochester web design company will not be thinking about email, but email is actually an important part of what many Rochester web development firms offer their customers. Most email hosting providers provide not only but include contacts, calendering, and web access as well. The industry has standardized encryption for mail servers to 128 bit encryption, meaning any data sent to or from a server during the log in session is secure.

Those who hire a Rochester web design business to help with their website and email might be interested to know that stopping spam can be very expensive. For a company with 1,000 employees, a company can spend up to $3 million per year trying to stop and manage spam. That probably did not bother Bill Clinton, who only sent two emails during his entire presidency from 1993 to 2001. One was a test email and the other was to astronaut John Glenn during his time aboard the space shuttle. As a man of international importance, Clinton might have been amused to know that the @ sign is know as apestaart or “monkey’s tail” in Dutch. In Italian, it is chiocciolina or “small snail” and snabela, or an elephants trunk in Swedish.

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