Category: Moving

  • Moving for Retirement or Job Promotions

    When you get a big promotion and have to move to a different state for your job assignment, it can throw you into a tizzy. Organizing a long distance move is quite time consuming and if you have never done one of these kinds of moves it can become stressful. However, instead of pulling your […]

  • How To Use Moving Check Lists

    Moving check lists can be a great tool to use when it comes to moving. Moving can be a very complex and stressful time in a person’s life. Because there are so many issues involved with moving, keeping a check list can help you stay organized and help ensure that nothing of importance is forgotten. […]

  • How to Find a Packrat Coupon to Reduce the Cost of Your Move

    Moving is normally an expensive and trying affair. No matter where you live, prices for groceries, housing and gasoline have increased. People are searching for ways to reduce the outflow of their money. Moving pods provide a great way for movers to save money and make their move less troublesome. If you plan to use […]