Bus sales and adventure

Every year my family and I travel to the Grand Canyon and it is impossible because there are fifteen of us. We either have to drive four different cars, which is how we lost my brother Frank, or we have to fly, which is very expensive. But now we have the bus sales. So many times we have only found fourteen passenger vans, but this fine bus sales company provides all the space you need for your entire extended family. Also, my family runs a tour of the Chicago meatpacking district. In hard financial times, customers will not stand for cramped minivans. A nice deal in the bus sales, though, does the trick. Open those windows and let the processing smells waft through. There is nothing like it. Every customer says how enjoyable and educational the tour was, and it is all thanks to our bus sales. There is something else though. The standard bus from the bus sales comes with four bench seats, two bucket seats up front and a seat on the roof, for the adventurous one in the bunch. Just do not push the red button. Then the bus sales turns into a time machine, able to transport you and your friends to a different era in history. There is nothing like having tea with Sherlock Holmes in the past and robot Sherlock Holmes in the future all in the same day. We also solve mysteries in our bus sales. My friends and I travel around to ghost towns and ski resorts and encounter strange happenings, with monsters and evil spirits. Nine times out of ten it is a disgruntled employee with a mask and a holograph machine, but once it was just our imaginations. No worries though. We just jump into our bus sales and drive to the next adventure.

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