The Overflow Bottling Machine

The products we all use today are typically massed produced. If we buy a liquid product it will come in some kind of bottle. It can be a glass or plastic bottle, depending on the product and the packaging design. All liquids today that are mass produced are packaged with the help of a bottling machine.

The bottling machine is used by companies that make all kinds of liquid or semi-liquid products. The company and the type and amount of product they package will determine the kind of machine that they need. There are different kinds of bottling machines. A common machine that is used is the rotary type that can process hundreds of containers per minute or it can be a machine that will only process 20 containers a minute. This is why you need to talk to a sales representative to make sure your company buys the right kind of bottling machine for your operation.

The different types of liquids will dictate what kind of bottling equipment is needed as well. For instance, you need one type is used to fill drinking water and another type is used to fill cosmetic cold creams. One type is needed for pharmaceutical grade products and another type is needed for dairy products, etc. the actual type of bottling machine that the company will need depends on the viscosity of the product, its temperature, and characteristics.

The overflow of bottling machine will work best for thin and free flowing liquids. It also works with products that foam and works well with pasteurized products at high temperatures. A lot of small bottling companies will use this type of bottling machine. It will fill the bottle to a certain height in the container and not by volume. The overflow bottling machine is affordable and easy to use. Make sure you talk to a bottling machine sales representative before you buy this type of bottling machine for your company so that you make the correct choice. The overflow machine is not appropriate for all kinds of liquid products.

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